Kanji バンド
Gender Male
Professional Status
School Jourai High School
Team Jourai High Kendo Club
Weapons Katana
Manga Debut Strike 24: Weakness

Banda is a member of the Jourai High Kendo Club.


Banda has a average stature and wears glasses. He has large lips and is always seen with a fake smile on his face, which he uses to trick people.


Banda has a clever but crooked personality. He tries to talk to the opponents acting as a respectful person but actually uses the chance to find out about their formation. He also views kendo as a inferior sport which anyone can win and does not try to honour the spirit, but to win.

He is well aware of the fact that he is weakest in the team and faces the strongest opponent to make sure his team wins.



First Years Kendo Meet ArcEdit


Banda is not that strong of a kendoist, but he fights in a way that strives on his opponents weaknesses.


Jourai High Kendo Club: Banda has a professional relationship with his team mates and he will not hesitate to insult them if they lose or cause problems in his calculations.

Ouka High Kendo Club: Banda acted friendy with Hiroto and the others but that was only to find out their positions. He was very arrogant and insulted them when Ouka didn't change their formation. He further faced Shidou's wrath when he insulted Kendo.