Ouka High Kendo Club
Ouka High
School Ouka High School
Members Tsurugi Kamiya
Shiratori Tsubame
Shidou Hazakura
Hiroto Kurogane
Aoharu Ebana
Coach/es Kakurai
Sayuri Toujou

The Ouka High Kendo Club is a club from Ouka High School. It is a relatively weak club, as compared to other schools. The Captain of the club is Tsurugi Kamiya. .

Club MembersEdit

Female Members:

  • Shiratori Kujaku (Captain - 3rd year)
  • Kagemiya Hime (Vice Captain - 2nd year)
  • Tsubame Shiratori (1st year)
  • Hachimi Mai (1st year)


Tests & TrainingEdit

There are various techniques and test methods used by Ouka High Kendo Club in order to train and test the abilities of the members.

Hanging Bamboo HellEdit

In this test pieces of Bamboo are hanging from the trees. These pieces are closed and have water filled inside them. One can either avoid them or hit them away. The test is to get hit by bamboos the minimum number of times in the test duration of 3 minutes. It is an integrated test for Kinetic vision and judgement. The stats are measured on the basis of number of times one is hit. The rankings are:

  • S level - 10 or less hits
  • A level - 10 - 15 hits
  • B level - 15 - 20 hits

The results for only few students are known.

  • Tsurugi Kamiya - 0 hits
  • Sarutobi - 31 hits
  • Hiroto Kurogane - 0 hits


Friendly Club MatchesEdit

Practice MatchesEdit

Holders Members:

1- Senbou: Kakei (3rd Year): Lost (0-2)

2- Jibou: Yuri (3rd Year and Vice captain): Lost (0-2)

3- Chuuken: Tsuguri Kamiya (3rd Year and Captain): Winner (2-0)

4- Fukushou: Shidou Hazakura (1st Year): Winner (2-1)

5- Taishou: Hiroto Kurogane (1st Year): Overall Lost (0-2)

First Years Kendo MeetEdit

Holders Members:

1- Senbou: Aoharu Ebana (1st Year).

2- Chuuken: Shidou Hazakura (1st Year).

3- Taishou: Hiroto Kurogane (1st Year).

  • vs Azumasan High (1st Round): Win 3-0 (6-0)
  • vs Unknown Opponent (2nd Round): Win 3-0 (6-0)
  • vs Unknown Opponent (Quarter Finals): Win 3-0 (5-0)
  • vs Jourai High (Semifinals): 1-0 (4-2)
  • vs Unknown Opponent (Final): 2-0 (4-0)
  • Tournament Champions. 1º title.